rotary Dimmer

Nánari upplýsingar

yo'SeH Instructions Dimmer
i. specifications:
Hat Qap:-20-60 ℃ Supply voltage: dc12 ~ 24v
product size: l61 × w33 × h32mm Package size: l100 × w65 × h40mm
ngI' net: 30ggross ngI': 55 g
load max Qu'mey potlh: 2a Hoch color
Qap: stepless HuvHa' chav
ghu'vam. Photo Object:

'AY' WEJ. Warning:
1. supply voltage product dc12-24v; not rar ac220v latlh voltage pagh.
2. not cha' wires Hoch wo' in case of yopwaH bID circuit rar.
3. vaj rar Dev wire correctly according to colors 'e' offers diagram rar.
4. warranty product wa' DIS, puj qa'meH pagh tI' pagh Huj, 'ach exclude guarantee maH QIH pagh overload working artificial ghu'.